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Welcome to the Online Registration for Covina-Valley Unified School District! 

The Online Registration allows you to quickly start the process of registering a new student to Covina-Valley USD for school. Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected.

If you are to resume an incomplete enrollment or would like to reprint or review applications previously completed, click the Login button.

Upon completion, please print two copies of the confirmation form, a copy for the school and one for your records.


This website should only be used for NEW STUDENTS to Covina-Valley USD.   DO NOT register your student again if they are currently enrolled and will continue with a Covina-Valley USD school for the next school year.


If your student is in one of these programs (Special Education or Speech and Language), do not begin the Online Enrollment process. Please contact Elsa Morales in our Special Education Department at emorales@c-vusd.org or at (626) 974-7100 ext 800091

Children entering Kindergarten must be 5 years of age by September 1st.  An optional Transitional Kindergarten class is available for students born on or between September 2nd and April 2nd.

If you reside outside of the Covina-Valley USD school boundaries, you must have a signed release from your district of residence and enroll in person at the requested school.

Covina-Valley USD: 519 E. Badillo St. Covina, CA 91723.  Tel. 626-974-7000

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